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Qi Gong - for Your Health!

Qi Gong: Level 1
In Chinese Medicine, the condition of one’s Qi, an omnipresent life force, is the most critical determinant of health status. Participants learn a set of Qi Gong exercises for practice and self-cultivation of one’s Qi yielding benefits in health maintenance and disease prevention. Students first learn to sense and enhance the flow of Qi within the body and around the inner organs and then learn to improve his/her Qi balance through meditation. The student will learn techniques for the expelling of bad Qi and the drawing in of good Qi from the outside. Students from prior classes are welcome back. Instructor Debbie Dong is owner of Meridians, a provider of Eastern Health Alternatives, in Ridgefield. She has practiced and taught Qi Gong for many years.

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Medical Questions:

We expect students to have consulted with their doctor before starting any new exercise program.