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Healing Power of Mindfulness ~ Meditation as Medication
According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, "Up to 80% of visits to the family doctor are for stress related complaints."  Studies show that “mindfulness meditation” is a powerful and effective therapeutic tool in reducing stress and maintaining and enhancing  mind-body health, peace of mind  and happiness .  Learn to face life and build resiliency and connect with your source of inner strength and healing.  Mindfulness is an important and effective therapy for pain, stress, and disease, and promotes authentic healing as part of a whole person treatment plan.  Through mindfulness and self-directed neuroplasticity, you can train your mind, change your brain and heal your whole being.  "Serenity is not freedom from the storm, it is peace amidst the storm."

Instructor, Paul Epstein ND, is a naturopathic physician, mind-body therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, speaker and workshop leader specializing in treating people with stress related disorders.   A 1984 graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, he did a residency in behavioral medicine, stress, and lifestyle counseling and was co-founder of the Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine.   He has trained in the Internal Family Systems Model of Psychotherapy, studied at the Academy for Clinical Guided Imagery, completed the three-year training program for meditation teachers at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and is a certified yoga teacher. He travels worldwide leading mindful healing retreats, mentors health professionals and maintains a private practice in Westport, Connecticut for 35  years specializing in mind-body medicine and guiding people in transforming  stress, pain and illness into a self healing journey.

2 Session $ 49 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $ 39)
Mon., April/May tbs from 7 to 9 p.m.; ERMS

Qi Gong

Qi Gong: Level 1
In Chinese Medicine, the condition of one’s Qi is the most critical determinant of health status. This life force is omnipresent and can be transferred and absorbed. In this series, participants learn a set of Qi Gong exercises for self-cultivation of one’s Qi. Practicing these exercises can yield benefits in maintenance of good health and prevention of disease. The students first learn to sense and enhance the flow of Qi within the body and around the inner organs. Then the student learns to improve his/her Qi balance through meditation. The student will learn techniques for the expelling of bad Qi and the drawing in of good Qi from the outside. Students from prior classes are welcome back. Instructor Debbie Dong, owner of Meridians, a provider of Eastern Health Alternatives in Ridgefield. She has taught Qi Gong for many years.

4 Sessions $48 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $36)
Please call (203) 431-2812 or email ridgefieldcontinuingeducation@gmail.com for Fall dates.

Medical Questions:

We expect students to have consulted with their doctor before starting any new exercise program.