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Senior Citizen Information
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Senior Citizen Information

Senior Citizen Discount for Ridgefield Residents

Ridgefield Continuing Education offers a discount on tuition to Seniors, age 62 and older who are Ridgefield residents, provided that the course they want has sufficient enrollment to sustain the discount. 
Small classes may have a lower discount than other classes. In a few cases a discount is not available.

Your registration must be paid at least before the first day of class in order to receive the discount. A discount is NOT available to people who have not paid before the first day of class (i.e. if you show up for class and have not paid, the discount is not available).

This discount may be applied to:

  • Nearly any course in this catalog, except ed2go classes, Event and Ballroom Dance, one on one tutorials, and a few others. If a discount is not available, a senior price will not be listed.
  • Unlimited number of courses.

This discount is not applicable to food fees, texts and supplies.

The discount is not applicable to ed2go instructor-facilitated online classes.

Non-Discrimination Statement