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Interiors ~ scrolldown for Downsizing, Staging, Home Re-Design, and eBay!

Home Staging
A house is usually your largest investment. When it’s time to sell, you want to have prepared your home to generate the quickest sale at the highest price. Join us for a lively, informative, class where you will learn how home staging not only helps you realized a higher sales price, but can also make your life less stressful as you go through the home sale process. Instructor Jeanne Rowella has over 30 years experience in real estate marketing, home staging and re-design. After 10 years as a retail store, she closed the store in May 2017 and brought The Gilded Nest business in house! Her focus is on Home Staging Consultations, as well as Interior Decorating, Re-upholstery, Slip-Covers, Pillows, Window Treatments, and Sourcing Vintage Furniture (and custom painting it), etc. Weather date is 2/12.

1 Session $ 31 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $ 24)
Thur., 3/7 from 7 to 9 p.m.; East Ridge Middle School

Introduction to Interior Design ~ Online

Are you a creative person with an eye for design? If so, this course will show you how to transform plain living spaces into beautiful and functional rooms.

Interior design takes training as well as talent, and these lessons will give you the know-how you need to design a room from floor to ceiling. You’ll delve into color theory, industry trends, spatial arrangements, floor plans, traditional and modern interior design ideas, and other basics. In addition, you’ll explore a range of careers in interior design and get insider tips for entering this exciting field.

Because interior design is constantly evolving, you’ll also learn about some of the latest trends affecting the industry. You’ll investigate “green” sustainable design, and you’ll find out how to modify your designs for people with special needs.

As you master design skills step-by-step, you’ll complete your first project: a fully developed room design complete with spatial layout, lighting, and finish selections. Your new knowledge and hands-on practice will give you the confidence you need to start creating beautiful residential interiors for yourself and others. Taught by Sarah Smallwood, licensed interior designer.

6 Weeks Start dates are 1/16; 2/13 or 3/13
Cost is $ 115

Visit ed2go.com/ridgefield type interior design in the Search for Courses box and Enter.


Buying and Selling On eBay
Prerequisite: Basic computer and Internet skills. This class can help you: buy old or new items with confidence; convert household clutter to cash; start an on-line eBay business; sell items to downsize a collection. In this two-part class Eileen Burton will unravel the mysteries of eBay by sharing her knowledge and expertise acquired from years of buying and selling on this popular site. The first two-hour class will be devoted to all the basics and the second class will cover in detail all the steps to sell an item – from photographing it to listing it on eBay – by actually putting something up for sale. Instructor Eileen Burton has taught numerous classes about eBay using experience gained from selling items there from her collectibles business. She also shares her results of extensive research by teaching courses in iPhone, iPad, genealogy, and related subjects over a period of many years with Continuing Education.

4 hours $ 79 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $ 63)
Thur., 1/24 & 31 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.;
Town Hall Annex
Tue., 2/5 & 12 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon;
Town Hall Annex