Gardening and Herbs
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Gardening ~ Organic, Flowers, Landscapes, Vegetables, Mushroom Walk
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Gardening ~ Organic Gardening, Container Gardening, Perennials, Bulbs, and Landscape Garden Design

Mushroom Walk with Mycologist, Zaac Chaves

Mushroom Walk - Celebrating National Mushroom Day
During this tme of the year there are several unique endemic species which you will be wise to know. You will be interested to know that many only occur at this special time of the year. Grab a notebook and join us on a mycologically focused ecological tour in Ridgefield and learn to identify some of Ridgefield's most common wild mushrooms with local field mycologist Zaac Chaves. We will be developing basic tools to better recognize several fungal species, some not so common, right in our town. You'll get a deliberate view of delicate local processes unfolding in town. This might include fungal forensics and the stories a mushroom might tell us about places and things that once happened there. Zaac Chaves works on species surveys for several sites and sometimes with organizations including Harvard University, the New York Botanical Gardens, and the National Parks Service. We have found several new species at many sites and are also helping recognize others which are rare and disappearing. He also serves as the chief editor of the Boston Mycological Club Bulletin, established in 1897.

1 Session $ 29 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $ 24)
Wed., 10/13 from 2 to 3:30 a.m.; Outdoors at a park in Ridgefield. Directions to be sent prior to class.

Landscape Garden Design

Landscape Garden Design
Looking at your landscape as a series of rooms with different functions along with proper selection and siting of plants is the first step. Learn the history of landscape garden design and styles, elements of design, color theory, and how to use them to effect what you see and feel. Learn how to create a design on paper to work from over time. Deer, sun, shade, wet and dry areas, screening, soil preparation, digging, dividing, planting, propagation, insects and diseases, maintenance, budgeting, and the best performing plants for our area will also be included. Instructor Laura Stabell, Master Gardener, arborist, horticulturist, and landscape gardener, has been featured in the Garden Conservancy open garden tour.

2 Sessions $ 49 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $ 40)
Wed., 10/6 and 13 from
7 to 9 p.m. at East Ridge Middle School (Zoom backup)