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Adult Special Education
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Adult Special Education

Classes are available through SPHERE and Ridgefield Continuing Education.


SPHERE (Special People’s Housing, Employment, Recreation, and Education) developes programs, classes, and activities specifically for adults with disabilities. Their web site is https://www.spherect.org

Ridgefield Continuing Education

ADA/Disabled Access:     Americans with Disabilities Act. Disabled Access is available at all locations. Ridgefield Continuing Education welcomes people with disabilities and will make reasonable accommodations to assist people with disabilities enrolled in our programs. In order to accomplish this, persons who need assistance must notify Ridgefield Continuing Education of their need in writing 2 weeks prior to the 1st day of class. If you have questions about a particular class, please phone (203) 431-2812 or email Peggy Bruno at ridgefieldcontinuingeducation@gmail.com for information.