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The classes below were added after the latest brochure was sent to the printer.

CANASTA: Beginnerís Series
This four-week course gives an introductory overview of the rules and strategy to playing Canasta, a form of rummy using two full decks of cards. Through open and supervised games, students learn the art of playing and have fun while doing it. At the end of the series students will feel confident in their abilities to play a game with friends or on their own. Instructor Lori Greene has been teaching canasta privately and through continuing education programs for 5 years. She is passionate about the game and particularly loves how her groups have continued playing long after their lessons have ended. Class limit 8 Students.
4 Sessions $ 74 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $ 59)
Tue., 11/10, 17; 12/1 AND Mon., 11/23 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.; Zoom
NOTE: Dates

Drawing - Beginner
Learning to draw is a valuable and rewarding process that gives very tangible results! In this class, students will explore graphite drawing and learn to look at the world like an artist in four sessions intended to give confidence and build basic skills in both still life and figure drawing. Instructor Rosie Cerrone has a degree from Maryland Art Institute and teaches regionally.
4 Sessions $ 74 (Ridgefield Sr./Disab. $ 59)
Tue., 11/10, 17; 12/1 & 8 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon; Zoom

Drawing Classes Syllabus:

1. Introduction, discussion of basic materials, and sphere/lighting exercise. Homework will be to build fine motor control by making a value chart and to have an apple on hand to draw for next week.
a. Sphere/lighting: Students will draw and shade a sphere. This will give me a grasp on what skills they may have. It will be accompanied by a basic explanation of shadows and light.

2. Discuss value charts, do apple exercise, mug exercise. Homework will be a simple still life of two small items from around their homes.
a. Apple: Students will draw an apple by drawing a box and outlining the negative space around it to recognize form.
b. Mug: Moving on to a more complex object, students will learn to break things down into simpler shapes and begin to tackle perspective in the ellipsis of the mugís opening.

3. Discuss still life, explain human head proportions, head exercises. Homework will be a self portrait bust.
a. Heads: Students will draw a basic head from the front and in profile, keeping in mind the benchmarks for facial proportion.

4. Discuss self portrait, explanation of figure drawing, gesture exercises.
a. Gestures: Working from figure photos, students will do quick gesture drawings to capture the energy of each pose on a short time limit. The time limit keeps things moving and prevents students from getting too precious with mark making.

Materials for Drawing Classes:

Drawing pencils (2H, HB, 2B)
Drawing paper
A light box OR tracing paper

Note: If youíre considering a light box, I recommend the Huion L4S LED Light Pad (A3 size). Itís thin, extremely lightweight, and Iíve had mine for almost five years. As someone who does a lot of traditional drawing, itís saved me countless hours.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) Workshop with Yoga Master Miriam Zernis via Zoom
Tuesday, October 27th from 6:30 to 8 p.m. via Zoom -- $15 per person, all students.

In these stressful times, it is important to take time to rest and rejuvenate as we navigate into the last part of the year. Experience the power of Yoga Nidra or "sleep with awareness" which offers a fully guided, systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing the body and mind's physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs. Yoga Nidra can help restore mental peace and encourage general wellness while easing:

* Lack of energy from a busy life and an overactive mind.
* Depression, anxiety, and stress.
* Insomnia.
* And more.

After a short lecture, Miriam Zernis will skillfully guide you to finding a direct experience of this wonderful restorative practice.

No yoga experience necessary. Please have a yoga mat, blanket, neck pillow (or a rolled-up towel), and eye covering on hand. Also eat lightly before or after, dim the lights and turn off all devices.


Miriam's voice is extremely soothing and relaxation comes easy listening to it. Her calm, nurturing energy added so much to my experience along with her voice which is mesmerizing!

Miriam is a passionate, knowledgeable teacher with so much to share. Yoga Nidra is one of her strengths for sure.

Medical Questions:

We expect students to have consulted with their doctor before starting any new exercise program.